Системи за отопление и охлаждане
Системи за отопление и охлаждане

Български Държавни Железници

Bulgarian State Railways is the largest railway operator in Bulgaria, which carries both passenger and freight.

The main part of the maintenance and repair of trains is carried out in Locomotive Depot – Sofia, where in the past were used radiators and hot water boiler of diesel fuel for heating. Because of the extremely high operating cost, the system remains absolutely unusable for a long time.

With the purchasing of trains „Siemens“ in the last years the rolling stock of the company „BDZ“ Ltd
is greatly increased. This requires the existing heating system to be replaced with a new, highly efficient and at the same time economical one.

After proper study of various options, the company „Bulgarian State Railways” Ltd chose CARLIEUKLIMA’s strips radiant heaters EUCERK.

The main advantages of the strips radiant heaters EUCERK are: exceptional comfort at low operating costs, without gas net in the premise, maximum efficiency and safety.


Design and installation of EUCERK system by „VEVEN“ Ltd.




24 November 2014

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