Системи за отопление и охлаждане
Системи за отопление и охлаждане

„Тракия глас“ – Завод за автомобилно стъкло – Търговище

The glass complex „Trakya Glass Bulgaria“ was established in 2005 as part of the leading glass producer „Shishejam“ Turkey. The complex consists of different factories of glass products, flat glass, household glass, mirrors and auto glass. The flat glass and glassware factories use local raw material (sand, soda ash, dolomite and limestone). The glassware factory hosts the biggest glass furnace on the Balkans.

The latest „Shishidzham“’s project in Bulgaria is an investment in automotive glass plant in Targovishte, whose clients include Audi, BMW, Dacia, Ford Europe and Renault.

The new factory is located in the industrial area in the northern east of Targovishte, where „VEVEN“ Ltd. supplied and installed a radiant heating system EURAD.

The system includes 56 pcs of 2-stage radiant pipes EURAD model MSU 9H and 6 pcs of 2-stage radiant pipes EURAD model MSM 18H with total heat input installed 3.217,80 kW

The system was chosen by the investor for the following main advantages:

– each EURAD unit is equipped with two-stage burner and each pair of heaters has only one chimney;
– at the same time, every one of the units can be controlled separately, which leads to significant savings in operating costs, combined with the comfort in the premise or on the heating zones – only where and when it is necessary.


Projecting, supplimenting and installment of radiant tube system EURAD.




22 May 2013

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