Системи за отопление и охлаждане
Системи за отопление и охлаждане

Euwind-Ceiling Air curtains



The need to prevent cold air masses from invading through open industrial inputs has existed for a long time, but only now the solution has been found. Experience and technical progress in this area have led to extremely effective ways to control unnecessary heat losses.
The air barriers WBE-V-W euwind block the penetration of cold air, thus allowing it to work in the spaces near the entrances and thus protect the staff from diseases.   In addition to stopping cold tables, the Tazinevidima barrier also helps to stop the sedimentation of the air in the premises and thus ensure a more even heat distribution in the building.     The loss of heat due to penetration of cold air is significant, but different factors make it difficult to quantify it. However, we can certainly declare that air barriers euwind will drastically reduce the heat loss and the funds invested in it will be paid in less than two working seasons.    


  1. Made of high quality materials. Long-term use guaranteed.
  2. Prevent the formation of air currents and protect the health of the staff.
  3. Significant energy savings: block the penetration of cold air.
  4. Prevent air Razsloenieto and equalize temperature in the premises.
  5. No additional construction activities are required: The barrier is mounted on the wall, above the door.


  • Durability:
    Made of high quality materials, which are not influenced by low temperatures.
  • Silence:
    Does not require air heating.
  • Versatility:
    Increases the working space.
  • Speed:
    Maintains a constant operating temperature in the room.
  • Economy:
    Saves energy and prevents cold air from invading the room.
  • Health:
    Protection without harmful air currents.


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