The advantages of the radiant heating from Veven Ltd.

The advantages of the radiant heating from Veven Ltd.

High efficiency and economy.

Thanks to the radiant heating of Veven Ltd. It is possible to achieve optimal results in any room. When it comes to an investment in the heated, the optimal solution for achieving a constant temperature in the industrial site is the radiant heating, it has a number of advantages over the conventional air conditioning system. Through the installation of radiant heating from Veven Ltd. our customers start saving and especially to return their investment immediately. The last project executed by us is another proof that there is not too much object.

The whole room is 120 meters long and 48 meters wide. It's divided into two, but there's no barrier between them. The heated part is 120 m. At 24 meters. The height of the room is 10 meters. The installation is 9 m high. Installed 8pcs. MSM H 51.9 kw emitters with total power of 415.2 kw. Although there is no barrier between the two parts, the temperature achieved during the cold winter months is + 21 C.

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