The biggest project for industrial Adiabatic cooling in southeastern Europe.

The biggest project for industrial аdiabatic cooling in southeastern Europe is performed by VEVEN EOOD.

The site is with the impressive 15,000 m2, and for its implementation it was necessary 17 pcs. Cooler with 35 KW cooling power each, air flow 30000m3/h. Adiabatnite Kulri are a preferred product of our product range due to its high efficiency and economy. Use the simplest and at the same time the most technologically effective solutions. They significantly reduce operating costs for cooling and maintenance when used in industrial and commercial sites with large vzduhoobmen.

In modern manufacturing and commercial premises, as a rule we have a large amount of active sources of heat-machinery, heat treatment facilities, powerful lighting fixtures, welding devices, etc. Very often, during the summer the temperatures in the buildings reach inadmissible levels and reduce labour productivity.

Adiabatnite KULRI are autonomous facilities that cool the air, using the principle of water to absorb heat. Heat exchange occurs when air flow passes through the humidified filtering element. Adiabatnite Kulri are easily mounted on the roofs or walls of the premises. They use electricity only for the fans, and in order to work they have to get involved with the plumbing.

Compared to traditional air conditioning systems, Adiabatnite KULRI have some important advantages:

Reduces energy consumption by up to 80% (only fans consume electricity).

Reduces the value of the required equipment up to 70%.

provides multiple vzduhoobmen.

Ability to set individual modes of operation in different areas of the room.

Low costs of operation and maintenance of equipment.

Improve working conditions and protect the environment.

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