Efficient air conditioning of last generation

Now at a promotional price of only 198 lv. per square metre.

The price includes delivery and installation of last generation ceiling and wall panels for radiant heating and cooling. Complex solution for the air-conditioning of your home or office.

Already in Plovdiv last generation ceiling and wall panels for radiant heating and cooling.

As one of the leading companies for radiant Heating and Cooling, the company delivered and installed last generation panels designed for the overall solution of heating and cooling in residential buildings and offices. In this way Zatvrdihme the leadership position in the innovative and environmentally friendly ways of radiant heating and cooling.

Through the installation of the new generation panels our clients receive:

  1. Installation of insulation from high quality polystyrene.
  2. Installation of heating and cooling system with secured efficiency of the aluminum plate enveloping the system to achieve optimal efficiency.
  3. Installation of internal heat and sound insulation from last generation breathing plasterboard-16 mm.

Radiant heating and cooling panels consist of:

  1. Insulating plate in pressed polystyrene, thickness 40 mm, with profile holes for toplootvodnite and special casings for the part of the pipe that is out of the contour to facilitate the storage and transportation of the panels.
  2. Aluminum plate for thermo-conductivity with thickness 0.4 mm, which wraps the tubes about 250 degrees and covers more than 80% of the surface, ensuring the highest thermal power of the system.
  3. PE-Xa pipeline with oxygen barrier diameter 8 × 1.0 mm.
  4. Plasterboard panel with thickness of 16 mm, with “Activ Air” technology for absorption of formaldehyde.

The surface-printed lines of the system indicate the position of the pipeline, indicate the fixation of the suspended construction, the cutting lines and the areas where it is possible to mount the lights.

Having received feedback from our customers for the achievement of internal temperature (in the premises) from 27C with the necessary temperature at the entrance of the system is 33C, which in turn only shows the efficiency and economy of the system.

Thanks to the radiant heating and cooling system, you also get the following benefits:

  1. Maintain optimum temperature and humidity.
  2. Absolute silence.
  3. Impeccable hygiene.
  4. Lack of air currents.
  5. Quickly reach full working capacity.
  6. Absence of heating units in the room.

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