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As always company Veven Ltd. is oriented to the facilitation of its customers, so we created the mobile application for control of all systems from your mobile device. The sun4u application from Veven lets you control individual areas of your system in real time. With its help you can set, change or simply monitor the temperature in the individual zones, you can also program in different time ranges the temperature in each zone. For example, lowering the temperature in the hours when a zone is not livable or not functioning to save resources. Check for system load during a given period. Monitoring of humidity and temperature.

SUN4U Mobile application is a tool for managing the Universal controller Veven easily from your smartphone.

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Sun4u is a complete set of innovative intelligent systems for monitoring and managing your home, hotel, office or any kind of manufacturing facilities
You can play, manage, and manage your system wherever you go, through your smartphone, tablet or computer. You will be able to control and adjust your production capacities, the HVAC system, the radiation detector, etc.

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