Innovative heating and cooling with possible AAA energy efficiency

High efficiency and energy savings

  • Full integration of the various elements and precise control of the input and output parameters
  • The large ceiling emitting surface ensures efficient heating and cooling, offering high levels of comfort and low energy consumption.

Even heating and cooling

  • Climate comfort (same temperature at every point of the room)
  • and controlled air streams at very low speed
  • Proper humidity level (electronic control that ensures correct dew point)
  • Ideal temperature, in every season of the year.

The pure UT system ensures a level of comfort that is never reached with familiar technologies thanks to proprietary software and OECP (Optimized Energy & Comfort Performance)

High flexibility

  • System modularity
  • Quick and easy installation. The system is suitable for different types of buildings: Residential, Office, museum, hotel, hospital, shopping…
  • Different sources of energy (gas/electricity)

Enhances the quality of life and efficiency of staff

  • The silence, purity and lack of air flows are the basis for home comfort and increase productivity in the office.

(The data is confirmed by Harvard University report)

More comfort, less power

The purpose of all air conditioning systems is to maintain preset temperatures and relative humidity, regardless of external conditions. Unlike standard heating and cooling systems, radiant systems, at significantly lower temperatures, provide better indoor comfort and lower energy costs. The radiant systems can be installed in buildings with different purposes: living quarters, offices, museums, hospitals, commercial and industrial postings. Moreover, they perfectly fit into the interior, both in new construction and in the main renovation. The combination of efficient generators (condensate boilers, heat pumps…) and radiant panels, ensures energy savings, high level of comfort, lack of air currents and all kinds of noises. Radiant systems easily become part of the domestic space and allow for various design solutions.

More information can be downloaded HERE

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