Seasonal proposals by VEVEN EOOD.

Home and office.

With the advent of the new cooling season, we at VEVEN EOOD offer to your attention a complex solution with the air-conditioning of your home, office or industrial enterprise. With efficient cooling of a new generation, you can meet the summer cooling season without wo
rry. We offer you for your home or office optimum Energy saving system for radiant heating and cooling, known as “cooling and heating ceiling”. Thanks to its innovative design, this systemensures optimum comfort without any air currents (air conditioner, LNB, fan, etc.). Conventional cooling systems). The system has a number of advantages over the already known cooling systems namely: l
ack of air currents – with our system The effect of the cave is obtained when it is over + 30 degrees and you enter the cave instantly feel the coolness without having Air currents.

Optimum comfort – with cooling and heating ceilings There is no point of the room in which the whole cooling or heating energy is concentrated, the energy is distributed evenly over the entire area of the room and there is no need to close doors and partitions.


Energy Efficiency – thanks to its high energy efficiency, this system offers you the option of self-payment-return the investment for example: coolin
g with a conventional air conditioner – strong air currents that cause discomfort from Uncomfortable cooling of people near the blowing body and discomfort of people away from the blowing body, because it does not reach the cold air. Average financial investment and inflated monthly expenses caused by the inefficient distribution of cooling energy in different areas of the room. The preparation of the dry eye syndrome and the drying of the mucous membranes.

Return on investment – due to its high energy efficiency, the energy needed to achieve optimum comfort is much less, resulting in lower monthly costs, thanks to which a return on investment is achieved from Cost savings.

For your home and office, we offer Utclassic and UTquad systems.

Industrial abdiabatic Cooling.

For your production process we can offer stationary and mobile industrial coolers. Our coolers are characterized by high efficiency and economy. We have built the biggest project for аdiabatic industrial cooling on the territory of Bulgaria.

The EUCOLD stationary evaporative cooling systems use the most simplified and at the same time the most technologically efficient solutions. They significantly reduce the operating costs of cooling and maintenance when used in industrial and commercial facilities with large air exchange. In modern manufacturing and commercial premises, as a rule, we have a large amount of active sources of heat – machines, heat treatment plants, powerful lighting fixtures, welding machines, etc. Very often, in summer, temperatures in buildings reach unacceptable levels and reduce labour productivity.

Optimum comfort-Provides multiple and air exchange. Ability to set individual modes of operation in the Different areas of the room. Improves working conditions and protects the environment Environment.

Air Exchange

Energy efficiency-low cost of Operation and maintenance of the equipment. Reduces energy consumption to 80% (only fans consume electricity).

Return on Investment-abbreviated The value of the necessary equipment up to 70%. Reduces monthly energy consumption to 80%, with saved Costs, the system shall be self-paid.

Internal installation System

Portacool Jetstream™ 260 – Portable Evaporative Cooler.

Mobile evaporating coolers.

The new Portacool Jetstream series of Evaporative Coolers™ consist of Revitalised constructions that generate significant air flow and Provide better cooling options for different working environments. Offered in four sizes, customers can choose the evaporative cooler Jetstream, which will best fit Its cooling room ranging from 343 to 1.715 square meters. Keep  Working areas cool and comfortable with Portacool Jetstream™. This evaporating  Coolant has a larger airflow and a unique design of the The product, which provides an ideal calculation of the surface area of the Media via KUUL Comfort™ Vaporizer Press to Achieve maximum cooling comfort.

  1. This efficient evaporating cooler uses Approximately the same amplifiers as standard wet/dry vacuum
  2. Larger drainage allows easy and effective Support
  3. Equipped with evaporating materials KUUL Comfort ™, highest quality evaporating media available and manufactured in the USA Exclusively for Portacool products.
  4. The liquid level indicator with automatic The pump off protects your product and investment.
  5. Lifetime warranty of the evaporating body Coolant against manufacturing defects and three years warranty for all Electrical components.
  6. Made in the USA with local and world parts.

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