Veven ldt.

Systems for radiant heating.

Radiant heating systems are designed for rooms with different sizes, heights and thermal insulation characteristics. They are distinguished for their high energy efficiency and low operating costs. Radiant systems are a preferred method of heating throughout Europe.

Company Veven, as a partner of Carlieuklima-Italy, has been working for more than 10 years on the Bulgarian market. We have implemented a large number of sites on the territory of the country. The wide range of products and models enable us to fulfill different types and characteristics of projects namely: halls, hospitals, factory premises, residential and office premises.

We offer systems with various power supplies, such as methane gas, LPG gas and electricity.  In this way we strive to satisfy all the desires of our customers.


Our main clients are:

Bulgaria Air-Sofia

“Siemens”-Locomotive depot-Sofia

“Blgarin Air čarter“-Sofia

Liebherr Transportejšn Systems-Plovdiv

“Lufthansa technician”-Sofia




“Angel Stoilov-96” JSC-Plovdiv

 “Trakia Voice”-factory for automotive Glass-Targovishte


“Tepe”-Graf Ignatiev


Hospital Black Sea-Burgas

and many more.

For the preparation of individual offer we will need specific characteristics (plan-project) of the site for which you will want the construction of the corresponding system heating, cooling or both.  You can contact us directly in a convenient way:

G. Sofia

G. Plovdiv

+ 359887252978

+ 359878252978

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