Tape Radiant Heating System


Radiant heating systems work with natural gas or propane butane. They are suitable for heating large or medium sized rooms, which are used for civil, industrial or commercial purposes. Proper design and installation of the systems will provide maximum efficiency, safety, constant temperature and will prevent the release of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. The system consists of tubular modules made of aluminum steel, which are mounted on the ceiling of the room. The air in the pipes is heated by a combustion chamber located outside the room. The operating temperature of the system varies between 150 ˚ and 250 ˚. After heating, the pipes emit heat in the infrared sector of the wave and heat the room without creating air mass movement. The constant circulation of hot air between the combustion chamber and the pipes is carried out by a centrifugal blower.

  1. Trbi, made of Alumizirana and Kalorizirana steel.
  2. High efficiency and low operating costs. 
  3. possibility for izpolzvene of specialized software to control the thermal processes.
  4. possibility for installation of the combustion chamber and the gas route outside the room. 
  5. Recirculating chamber made of stainless steel and high-performance burner.
  6. Even heat distribution throughout the room.
  • Healthy Environment:
    No air mass movement. Clean and hygienic premises.
  • Versatility:
    Suitable for any environment.
  • Reliability:
    Thanks to the use of high quality technolоgy, maintenance is limited to legal prophylaxis.
  • Economy:
    Saving fuel when using the system.
  • Comfort:
    No air mass movement. Clean and hygienic premises.
  • Speed:
    Starts and reaches full power in a short time.
  • Silence:
    Lack of noise in the room.
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