Industrial cooling.

Specialized Adiabetes Cooler

The "K-series" (kitchen) is specially designed for large and commercial kitchens. Its main scope is to provide cold air and at the same time compensate for the exhaust air from the ventilation umbrellas, preventing uncontrolled air suction from the outside or from adjacent premises.

Аdiabathic evaporation Cooling.

Wall Cooler

Airflow between 10.000 m³/h and 20.000 m³/h

Roofing Cooler

Airflow between 10.000 m³/h and 13.000 m³/h

High Capacity Roof cooler

Airflow between 20.000 m³/h and 30.000 m³/h

Mobile ab, Evaporative Cooler

Air Supply-12 500 CFM/21 238 m3/h

Air flow Rate-40 km/h

Ceiling Radiant Panels

Clean and hygienic premises, without movement of air masses and dust.

Home and office Radiant Cooling Systems

Cooling ceilings for the home and the office.

Patented multi-layered radiant panel suitable for wall and ceiling mounting.

Thermal conductivity of the panels 0.21 W/mK. Cooling capacity (DIN EN 14240) 49W/sqm (∆ T:8K).                                                                                     

High efficiency and energy saving.

Cooling ceilings. Removable multilayer radiant panel with COPPER hydraulic chain and dimensions 60 × 60 cm.

  1. Designed to facilitate inspection operations of equipment above ceilings in public spaces. They provide quick access for control and inspection.
  2. Cooling capacity (DIN EN 14240) 70 W/m2 (∆ t: 8k). Type of Edge E15, A, D2.
  3. Different variants, smooth and sound absorbing, with visible edges or edges hidden in the structure.
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