The wide range of products and models enable us to fulfill different types and characteristics of projects namely: halls, hospitals, factory premises, residential and office premises.

We offer systems with various power supplies, such as methane gas, LPG gas and electricity.  In this way we strive to satisfy all the desires of our customers.

Indusrialno Radiant Heating

Eucerk-Tape gas emitters
Eucerk-Belt emitters Eur
Eurad-Tube gas emitters
d-tubular gas emitters
Euceramic-Ceramic gas emitters
uceramic-ceramic gas emitters

Industrial Radiant Heating and cooling

Residential, office, hotel and hospital radiant heating and cooling

Utclassic-Ceilings and stenni panels for radiant heating and cooling.
Utbeams is a panel prenadznačen to build radiant surfaces between beams made of wood, metal or concrete.






Industrial Adiabatno Cooling

Eucold-cooling systems of direct evaporation

Eucold-Direct evaporation cooling systems

Portacool Jetstream ™-Portable evaporative Cooler. Portacool Jetstream™ Portable cooler on direct evaporation.



Industrial Air Barriers

Euwind-Floor Air curtains
Euwind-Floor Air curtains

Euwind-Ceiling Air curtains Euwind-Ceiling Air curtains

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