Utquad Metal Cu

Detachable panel for heating and cooling, measuring 600 × 600 mm, and copper hydraulic circuit, which ends with two snap-in 90 ° fitting.

Utquad Metal Cu

Utquad Metal Cu is available in a wide range for any needs. Panels They are simply placed to lie on the supporting structure, providing a quick Access for control and inspection over them. These panels can be mounted on Visible or hidden constructions, have a superb vision and are suitable for All modern interior solutions.

Utquad Metal Cu

Technical Specifications:

• Thermo-Insulating Supported by beaded polystyrene, density class 200, 35 mm thick, styled, To accommodate the aluminium heat exchangers;

• Aluminium Heat exchangers, pre-moulded, with a thickness of 400 pm, shaped so as to the hydraulic circuit;

• Hydraulic circuit made of copper pipe 0 8×1 mm with intermediate oxygen barrier. At both ends of the chain there are "snap in" fittings;

• Wide A range of metallic finishes, a wide range of colors and a variety of decorations to satisfy any design requirements;

• Panels are available with visible edges or edges that are concealed in the structure.


The metal radiant panels Utquad Metal Cu were created to facilitate the operations of inspections of structures over metal ceilings in public premises. Designed and built of components with high heat indicators, the metal panels are an ideal solution for environments where good sound insulation and excellent aesthetic environment are needed:

• Hospitals • Conference Halls • Open Spaces

• Offices • Showrooms

• Schools • Restaurants

You can see the full features here.

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