Detachable panel for heating and cooling, measuring 60×60 cm.


Utquad are offered for finishing works in different variants, smooth and absorbing, with visible edges or edges hidden in the structure (E15, A and D2). The panels are simply placed to lay on the supporting structure, providing quick access for control and inspection. If necessary, they can be easily raised or moved sideways, while maintaining stable hydraulic connections.

Technical Specifications:

• Thermal insulation pad from beaded polystyrene, density Class 200, 35 mm thick, shaped to accommodate aluminium heat exchangers;

• Pre-moulded aluminium heat exchangers, with thickness 400 pm, shaped to cover the hydraulic circuit;

• Hydraulic chain made of sandwiched tube PE-Xc avg. 8×1 mm, with an intermediate oxygen barrier. At both ends of the chain there are snap in fittings;

• plasterboard 10 mm thick, Gyptone Base 31, covered by a smooth Satin plaster with Activ ' Air ® technology, which reduces up to 70% formaldehyde in the air of closed Accommodation

• Panels are available with visible edges after installation or edges Structure (E15, A and D2).

You can see the full features here.

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