Cooling systems of direct evaporation

Evaporative cooling systems used the most simplified and at the same time the most technologically efficient solutions. They significantly reduce operating costs for cooling and maintenance when are used in industrial and commercial sites.  
In modern production and commercial premises as a rule we have a large amount of active heat sources-machines, thermal treatment facilities, powerful lighting systems, welding machines, etc. Very often, during the summer, the temperatures in the buildings reach inadmissible levels and reduce labour productivity.  
Evaporative cooling systems are autonomous facilities that cool air by using the water principle to absorb the heat. Heat air flows through the humidified filter element and reduce level of air themperature.  
These facilities are easily mounted on the roofs or walls of the premises. To work they use electricity only for fans. Coolers must connect to the plumbing system.

Compared to traditional air conditioning systems, the adiabathatic coolers have some important advantages:

  1. Shortens the value of the necessary equipment to 70%.
  2. provides multiple air exchange.
  3. Ability to set individual operating modes in different areas of the room.
  4. Low cost of operation and maintenance of the equipment.
  5. Improves working conditions and protects the environment.
  6. Reduces energy consumption to 80% (only fans consume electricity).

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