Portacool JETSTREAM ™

Portacool Jetstream ™ 260-Portable evaporative Cooler.

Portable industrial cooler of direct evaporation.

Portacool Jetstream ™ 260-

Portable industrial cooler of direct evaporation.

The new series of Portacool Jetstream evaporative Coolers™ contain evaporation plates that generate significant airflow and provide better cooling capabilities for various working environments. Available in four sizes. Customers can choose the evaporative cooler Jetstream, which will best cool their room. The various cults provide cooling of rooms from 343 to 1.715 square meters.

Keep the working areas cool and comfortable with the Portacool Jetstream™. This evaporating cooler has a larger airflow and a unique design. The purity of the evaporator plate is provided by the KUUL Comfort Function™.


  • This efficient cooler uses approximately the same amplifiers as standard wet/dry vacuum
  • Greater drainage allows easy and efficient maintenance
  • Equipped with evaporative materials, KUUL Comfort™, the highest quality evaporative plates produced in the USA, for Portacool products only.
  • The liquid level indicator with automatic pump shutdown protects your cult and investments.
  • Warranty for life of the hull of the evaporating cooler against production defects and three-year warranty for all electrical components.
  • Made in the USA by local elements and parts of proven world producers.


Delivery of Air 12 500 CFM/21 238 m3/hr

Speed 25 miles per hour/40 km/h

Amps 9.3

Speed variable

Cooling capacity 3.125. /290 m3

Water Tank 60 G/227 L

Dimensions (inches) 77 H x 67 W x 34.5 D

Dimensions (cm) 195h x 170 W x 88 D

Weight 267 lb/121 kg

Kuul Effect 26

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