EUKLIMA-Ceilings and Stenni radiant systems for heating and cooling

EUKLIMA Ceilings and wall radiant air conditioning systems for home and office.

Euklima-Ceilings and wall radiant air conditioning systems for home and office. This is a new, high-tech equipment that guarantees heat comfort, saves energy and reduces environmental pollution.
The main requirements for modern air conditioning systems are: maintenance of temperature comfort, energy saving and reduction of environmental pollution.
Heating and cooling of the premises, through wall and ceiling radiant panels blife is a natural response to these requirements. Air-conditioning systems with radiant panels allow to achieve better comfort and reduce energy costs by up to 40%.  

The innovative high-performance ceiling Blife ® and the Wall radiant system consist of an innovative active sandwich panel that combines an insulating panel of polystyrene with pressed aluminium heat exchangers and hydraulic piping PE-Xa. The plasterboard plate Activ ‘ Air ® complements the radiant system.
The Blife ® system benefits from the ability of the ceiling and the walls to exchange heat and cooling through the effect of radiance, providing a homogeneous temperature distribution without the presence of annoying air currents. The Blife ® system allows a significant reduction in management costs and is available in a version specifically designed for residential use, but also in the tertiary sector (offices, hotels, business premises, hospitals and schools).

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P: Thickness of the active or passive Panel Blife ®: 52.5 mm
H: Minimum distance from the ceiling: 47.5 mm
M: Minimum mounting height of the Blife ® system: 100 mm

Features of the active Panels Blife ®.

The Blife ® panels are characterized by a sandwich structure: the different elements, each with specific characteristics, are assembled and adhered to by an innovative automatic production line, so as to create a complete element including all special Features of the Blife ® system.
Panel composition:
1. Insulating plate in pressed polystyrene, thickness 40 mm, with profile holes for toplootvodnite and special casings for the part of the pipe that is outside the contour to facilitate storage and transportation of the panels.
2. Aluminum foil for thermo-conductivity with thickness 0.4 mm, which wraps the pipes around 250 degrees and covers more than 80% of the surface, ensuring the highest thermal power of the system.
3. PE-Xa pipeline with oxygen barrier diameter 8x 1.0 mm.
4. Plasterboard panel with thickness 12.5 mm, with technology “Activ Air” for absorption of formaldehyde. The lines of the system printed on the surface indicate the position of the pipeline, indicating the fixation of the suspended structure, the cutting lines and the areas where the lights can be mounted.



  1. Maintain optimal temperature and humidity.
  2. Absolute silence.
  3. Impeccable hygiene.
  4. Lack of air currents.
  5. Full working capacity.
  6. Absence of heating units in the room.
  • Health:
    No air mass movement. Clean and hygienic premises.
  • Comfort:
    Optimum temperature and humidity. No heating units in the room.
  • Silence:
    Lack of noise in the room.
  • Speed:
    Quickly reaches full power.

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