Utbeams is a radiant panel designed for the installation of ceilings, between exposed beams of metal or wood. The width of the panel can be reduced by a knife of up to 45 cm or with a manual saw up to 40 cm. In length The panel can be cuted on two on 120 cm. This can create different combinations of panels. Due to the high ratio (88%), active to a common surface, the utbeams panels can achieve greater power per unit area. The dimensions of the panel are 240×120 cm. It can be divided into smaller modules, so as to increase the adaptability of the system and increase the radiant surface.

Utbeams-is also available in additiona
l finishes.

Technical Specifications:

  • Thermo-insulation plate of beaded expanded polystyrene, density class 200, 39 mm thick, shaped so as to accommodate the aluminum heat exchangers;
  • Aluminium heat exchangers with a thickness of 400 ct, shaped to cover the hydraulic circuit;
  • Hydraulic circuit, made of sandwiched tube with an intermediate oxygen barrier PE-Xc 8x1 mm, has a special shape to be conveniently connected to the ends of the main pipeline and is positioned so that, if necessary, the panel can be easily intertwined in two smaller modules 600 x 1200 mm;
  • Main pipeline of multi-layer PeX-Al-PeX 20x2 mm, built-in panel along the central axis, jointed at the edges with tees to a hydraulic chain of 8 mm and has the possibility to connect, by means of a quick connection with a button, to another panel or supply line. 


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