Ceiling Radiant Panels

Ceiling Radiant Panels

Ceiling Radiant panels that work with hot water, hot water or steam.

The panel system is a radiant heating system made up of emitting panels that work with hot water, hot water or steam. Any energy source may be used to heat the brine. The advantages of the ceiling radiant panels are: even heating without air stratification; Absence of noise and lack of dust; reducing current heating costs; Absolutely safe in explosive and environments environments. The panel system is a natural heating system because the transfer of heat from the liquid to the radiating panels, and therefore to the room, does not require any special mechanical or electrical devices. The whole process is carried out in accordance with the physical laws governing the transfer of heat/conductivity-convection-radiation/.

  1. They work with hot water, hot water or steam.
  2. For rooms with a high risk of fire or explosion.
  3. The aluminum surface of the panels enhances the radiating capabilities.
  4. Ensure even heating, even in low-altitude rooms.
  5. Absolutely silent work.
  6. Aesthetic appearance. Possibility of different shading.
  • Conditioning:
    possibility for cooling in summer.
  • Healthy Environment:
    Clean and hygienic premises, without movement of air masses and dust.
  • Versatility:
    Suitable for any environment, even in rooms with increased požaroopastnost.
  • Reliability:
    High quality materials. Maintenance is limited to legal prophylaxis.
  • Long service life:
    The long term is guaranteed by the use of aluminum and steel pipes.
  • Economy:
    Energy saving and other running costs.
  • Comfort:
    Comfortable temperature without heat gradient. No equipment on the floor and walls.
  • Silent:
    The system does not create noise.

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