Radiant tube heaters


The tube heaters are an efficient and autonomous heating system designed and constructed in modern technologies, which also covers the strictest requirements for safety, energy efficiency and environmental protection. Each component is selected to reach maximum heat with minimal consumption. The tube heaters are recommended for heating of any type of premises – small, medium and large. With careful design and placement of the heaters, it is possible to heat the building only where it is really needed.

  1. Tubes produced by Aluminised and Calorised steel.
  2. Suitable for “Zone heating”.
  3. Reflectors made by aluminum steel.
  4. Available in several models for different applications.
  5. Easy installation.
  6. It allows the radiant beam orientation to specific areas even after installation.
  • Healthy Environment:
    No air movement. Clean and hygienic premises.
  • Versatility:
    Suitable for any environment.
  • Reliability:
    Thanks to the use of high-quality material, maintenance is limited to those checks required by law.
  • Savings:
    Saving fuel when using the system.
  • Comfort:
    Comfortable temperature without thermal gradient. No heating equipment located on the floor or on the walls.
  • Speed:
    Starts and reaches full power in a short time.
  • Quiet:
    Lack of noise in the room.
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