KSP to go

Revolution in the radiant heating.

KSP is a radiant heating system consisting of radiating panels that work with hot water. For heating of the brine can be used any energy sources.

  • The advantages of ceiling radiant panels are:
  • Uniform heating without air stratificationing;
  • Absence of noise and lack of dust;
  • Reduction of current heating costs;
  • Absolutely safe in explosive and inflammable environments.  

KSP is a natural heating system because the transfer of the heat from the liquid to the radiating panels, and therefore to the room, does not require any special mechanical or electrical devices. The whole process is carried out in accordance with the physical laws governing the transfer of heat/conductivity-convection-radiation/.

Are these 13 products sufficient to cover the needs of each project?

Not. But we can, on a special request, produce and deliver numerous products for these small projects. This process is easy for everyone.

Product Benefits:

Easy (Easy to Manipulation, easy installation, easy to learn, only a few insrumenta are needed)

Effective (up to 40% Economy in Svravnenie with konvektivno heating)

Comfortable (warm Floor + walls, free from dust and air currents)

Resistant (long life, no risk of damage, aluminum – without rust)

Maintenance-Free (once docked, works for years)

Proven qualities (Has been on the market for more than 60 years)

Safe (Installation On the ceiling – no opportunities for injury or burning)

Independent of Fossil fuels (also works with heat pumps and solar panels)

Saves costs (Saves operating costs, no need for cleaning)

Large life cycle (Long-lasting, nothing to damage)

Reliability (10 years product warranty from manufacturer)

Which projects can be implemented with KSP to go?

You can see the full features here.

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