UTclassic is a patented prefabricated radiant panel suitable for wall and ceiling installations with aluminium heat exchangers.. Its main characteristic is that it contains inside the supply backbone and the system of connection between the panels. The panel size is 2400×1200 mm and can be modulated to obtain new sub-modules that increase the adaptability of the radiating surface.

Technical specifications:

• thermal insulation support in pre-moulded expanded polystyrene, class 200 density, 39 mm thick, shaped to fit in the aluminium heat exchangers;

• pre-moulded aluminium heat exchangers 400 μm thickness, shaped to fit in the hydraulic circuit;

• hydraulic circuit pipe in PE-Xc ∅ 8×1 mm, with intermediate oxygen barrier, plugged in the triple fittings at the backbone ends so that they can be cut in half to obtain base sub-modules of 600 x 1200 mm;

• backbones in multy-layer PeX-Al-PeX ∅ 20×2 mm pipe incorporated into the panel along the major centre axis, with triple fittings at the backbone ends for the connection both to the 8 mm pipe and to another panel through push-button joint or to the supply line. The backbones are not anchored to the panel, to facilitate the joint insertion and also to ensure the thermal expansion and tolerance for small transversally misalignments between the panels;

• longitudinal electrical duct (on demand) cut from the polystyrene board (sect. 28 x 20 mm) placed between the back bones for the passage of the cables and connecting the half moon ends;

• gypsum finishing plasterboards, Habito Activ’Air® 12.5 mm type, that improves the indoor air quality, with reduction of the VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), in particular the formaldehyde (10.2 kg/sqm) with glass fibre additive to give more hardness to the surface, mechanical strength, thermal conductivity and sound absorption; the surface is white papered to facilitate the finishing operations and has laser-traced drawing of the hydraulic circuits and marks for the anchorage screws at 400 mm and 600 mm. The board is glued to the whole set of insulated support pipe-heat exchangers with water-based vinyl glue. The panel is engraved on the short sides centre with two 150 mm caps to allow the connection of the joints and the testing. The closing caps are included.

Full specifications download HERE

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