Системи за отопление и охлаждане
Системи за отопление и охлаждане

Euceramic-Ceramic gas emitters

Ceramic gas emitters-euceramic

Ceramic gas emitters-euceramic

The euceramic system is composed of self-running light emitters with a high coefficient of useful action, designed and manufactured in the most advanced technology. Lightweight, compact and occupying little space they can be designed to produce precise heating where it is needed.    

One of the main advantages of the euceramic system is that it applies physical principles to radiate heat to selected surfaces or areas, thus avoiding wasteful heating of large spaces. By carefully designing the location and power of each emitter, with the euceramic system, heat is achieved only there, then and as much as is really necessary.  

  1. Made of stainless steel and high-quality ceramics.   
  2. Adjustable portable version with special gas cylinder stand.
  3. Reach 100% operating temperature in just 2 minutes.
  4. High efficiency and excellent price/quality ratio.
  5. Lightweight, compact. They are easily mounted on the ceiling and walls.
  6. Modeli with pleasant aesthetic appearance, developed for special buildings (architectural monuments, churches).
  • Healthy Environment:
    No air mass movement. Clean and hygienic premises.
  • Versatility:
    Suitable for any environment.
  • Reliability:
    Maintenance is limited to legal prophylaxis, thanks to the use of high quality materili.
  • Zonovo Heating:
    Allows heating of certain areas.
  • Economy:
    Saving fuel when using the system.
  • Comfort:
    Comfortable temperature without heat gradient.
    No equipment on the floor and walls.
  • Speed:
    Starts and reaches full power in a short time.
  • Silence:
    Lack of noise in the room.

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